G&P Stylist's Must-Have Hair Products for Summer!

posted May 14th 2018 by Giovanni & Pileggi

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Giovanni, owner of G&P recommends Inphenom Hair Treatment by Milbon for the summer months that can lead to dryer hair. This superior hydrating treatment replenishes moisture while sealing the cuticle, leaving hair looking luminous and color more vibrant.

G&P stylist William's must have products for summer come from the product line, Amika. Amika's Bust Your Brass shampoo and conditioner will keep those unwanted warm or gold tones from your blonde or brunette locks. He also recommends for in between shampooing, Amika's Nice Cream. It's cleaning conditioner that will remove dirt and grease without over cleansing. The added conditioner will do wonders for the integrity of your hair in the hot summer months.

Missy recommends Amika’s Blockade, a heat defense serum, and Amika’s Wizard Detangling Spray. Blockade serum protects hair from thermal styling and blow drying, while the Wizard Detangling Primer is the perfect pre-swim or after shower treatment to detangle hair so you can comb without breakage.



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