Salon Talk: Check out the top beauty headlines this week!

posted May 25th 2017 by Giovanni & Pileggi

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  • Trendy skin care ingredients such has antioxidants and stem cells are being added to hair care products, click here to find out more! (Allure)
  • Don’t leave home unprepared, InStyle has all the beauty products to take with you this Memorial Day Weekend. (InStyle)
  • KEVIN.MURPHY haircare takes India by storm! During the 4-day launch, the hair maestros showcased their expert styling techniques whilst also shedding light on the host of unique benefits the brand products offer. (Salon International)
  • Evening eyes, nude lips, and easy hair ruled the red carpet at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. (Elle)
  • Is the wet hair look here to stay for the summer? Check out these celebs who rock the it! (Cosmopolitan
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